♥ Summertime is the Best Time ♥

It’s certainly no secret how much I love the summertime.  The weather is beautiful, the sun is shinning, music is blasting, and you don’t have to be shoved in a gigantic coat anymore! What’s better than that?  To really express my love of summer, I have incorporated some really unique finds to showcase…so,  happy summer, happy shopping and enjoy! xo



www.flourishbathbody.etsy.com 6$

www.subrosa123.etsy.com 200$

www.looks.etsy.com 28$

www.mataharijewelry.etsy.com 20$

www.esoneofone.etsy.com 79$

www.truetexasscents.etsy.com 13.95 

www.lanative.etsy.com 32$

www.jivens.etsy.com 30$

www.basilandlola.etsy.com 245$




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3 responses to “♥ Summertime is the Best Time ♥

  1. I love your blog. You have an amazing eye ;), and your jewelry is fab. xoxo

  2. I love YOUR blog!!! Thanks El! You are fabulous! xo (ps- let me know if you see anything you like from the store, I still owe you girl!) xoxo

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