♥ Surround yourself with Flowers ♥

There’s really nothing better than coming home to fresh cut flowers on your table.  If you’re anything like me, then you love having flowers anywhere…in your hair, in your garden, on a cute little thank you note, in a beatuifully framed photograph.  Flowers signify life, and rebirth, color and happiness. Spring is here, so be sure to get yourself some flowers and enjoy the colorful life they bring! xo



www.alyinked.etsy.com 7$

www.eightseasons.etsy.com 75$

www.jennifersquires.etsy.com 70$

www.thepuddingstorevint.etsy.com 280$

www.opulentjewelrybymm.etsy.com  75$

www.sevenacrewoods.etsy.com 2$


www.luniacstyle.etsy.com 12$

www.yesumaystationery.etsy.com 2.5$

www.chinnylulu.etsy.com 40$

www.rubysplayground.etsy.com 7.5$

www.studioelenus.etsy.com 19.5$

www.handmadeflowers.etsy.com 15$


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