Sombreros, Fiestas and Cinco de Mayo! 32$I can’t think of a more colorful, celebrated, and anticipated holiday other than Cinco de Mayo!  It’s a fabulously festive celebration of Mexican culture and heritage.  I picked out a few items via etsy that took me away from my day job for just a bit to daydream about parties and margaritas. Hope these items brighten up your day as well!! Get ready to party everyone, Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner (it’s my baby bro’s birthday too!!). Feel free to shop, tweet, share, and make comments on what you like in this blog! eyeyeyeyeyey! 5$ 38$ 6.5$ 17$ 20$ 38$ 4.5$ 195$ 45$ 6.5$ 20$



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2 responses to “Sombreros, Fiestas and Cinco de Mayo!

  1. Ooooo…nice collection – now I’m wishing Cinco de Mayo wasn’t three weeks away. Where’s my margarita and my chips & salsa?!

  2. First, I need to give a shout out to Jaclyn over at Luniac Style for including me in her fabulous Sombreros, Fiestas and Cinco de Mayo feature. She was sweet enough to include my Fiesta Shabby Fabric Pomander on her blog, which really helped make my day! The items she chose for this feature are so bright and fun, it’s hard to look at it and not feel happy. Considering all the angst I went through to find the fabrics to be able to finish the pomander, I’m glad someone found it feature worthy.
    (from Alyssa’s blog!)

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