The Bronzed and the Beautiful ♥♥♥

This time of year in new England always makes me really excited for summer.  With that said, I immediately cling to anything that will make me feel like a grecian goddess…ie: bronzed!  I like to feel like my skin is the color of warm sun, and anything that can illuminate that feeling is “in” ,in my book.  So here are a few of my etsy favorites, just in time for Pre-Summer! Get shopping ladies! xo 42$ 12$ 5$ 164$ 375$ 16$ 44$ 50$ 16$ 6$ 68$ 32$


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One response to “The Bronzed and the Beautiful ♥♥♥

  1. Great post Luniacstyle! Bronze is beautiful… And, there is something about bronze and summer; they just look good together. All of your favorite picks are very nice. I couldn’t have picked them better myself. I am so grateful that my bronze hoops are featured here.

    Thank you,


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