Bows! Oh My!

Lovely Ladies of Rhody and beyond

I am here to talk about a subject very near and dear to my heart and it is BOWS! I love them! I need them! I live for them!

I may get funny looks while walking down the street with a huge hot pink and gold bow with a purple gem in the middle but do I care? NO! you know why….because it is my style, I am classic with a funky twist…I can shop at J.Crew then turn right around and buy a hot pink tutu at Forever 21 all while rocking my bow.That is what fashion is all about. It is about taking that piece that someone may look at and want nothing to do with and making it your own. It may look like I am one of those crazy girls who belongs on a reality show about toddlers and tiaras but I am not, I am perfectly sane and I am going to show you some fantastic ways to wear a bow!

1. Classic bow in the ponytail

2. If you are not feeling daring enough yet you may just want to slip into your favorite dress and shimmy the bow over your waist and rock it as a belt

A dress like this one from will make Carrie Bradshaw green with envy and the bow will separate you from the crowd 🙂


Samma S.




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