Sail away…

Sun. Sand. Surf. Sangria.

When I think of the beach and jewelry I think sea glass. Just the whole idea of sea glass is cool. I mean you do not know how long that piece could have been out there for,or how it even got there in the first place. By now you know I am a fan of bows, tutus and all things colorful and fun, so when it comes to beach wear anything goes. I think everyday is a good day for a long necklace and I think on the beach there is nothing better then a little sea glass and a long chain. Picture this a warm ocean breeze, the feeling of the the salt drying on your freshly tanned skin while sipping a cold glass of your favorite adult beverage. Now you know as well as I do that when you go to the beach you slip on you bathing suit and a cover up but you are just missing a small piece of your outfit a simple sea glass necklace will make it all come together…

Sea glass pendant from luniacstyle

20110811-102838.jpgand then look at this sheer primted coverup that can bring you from the beach to the local seaside hangout in minutes! check it out at River of Roamnsk




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