Stripes are not just for Zebras :)

Yellow and White. Blue and Red. Blue and White. Black and White. You name it stripes can deal it out. There are so many looks that you can achieve with a stripe, and so many ways to wear it. You can play it safe and just rock a shirt or a striped scarf with a solid top. You can go crazy and rock some sweet striped pants ( I think ankle length with a flat) but you when you go with a patterned top or pants or both you need to make sure that you keep it simple with your accessories 🙂 So throw a flower and your hair and go! Take this look for example.

Make sure to show some love at CG HEAVEN ( she has feathers!)

So picture this with Luniac Style’s Hot Pink Peony in your hair in a high pony or a cool low bun

or you can rock a striped shirt and this one found at  Sana Unique

So go on and get your nautical on 🙂


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  1. Thank You for this post

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