Bring it on Irene

We all know where we will be Sunday morning…all snuggled up in our beds waiting for this “storm” to pass. We will watch movies unless the power goes out, bake brownies that we really shouldn’t eat and whatever passes the time. But I have a different idea, lets all do a closet clean out! You know you all have the dress you never wear,the shoes that kill your feet and the handbag that holds only a lip gloss when you need it told hold more. So put on some tunes and rock it like Carrie Bradshaw did with her mini fashion show in Sex and the City! Its fun I promise! Now after your done finally parting from that ruffled number you just had to have, bag them up and drive on over to your favorite cinsignment store like Flip Boutique,  and make some money! Now when you have this said money come here and but some fab things to put some fab-ness back in your wardrobe! I think after I clean my closet out I am gonna run over to the store and snatch up a new pair of earrings. I am a huge fan of these leather suns from Luniac Style. They will go perfect with my fall look of neutrals and chunky sweaters 🙂

Find earrings here!




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