Hippie Chic and Lace is for Lovers

Vintage fabric, belts, maxi dresses, and who can forget the lace!?

From Nicole Lebreux giving new life to vintage fabrics or Brianna Moon’s lace details, I felt like I was falling in love ♥. You know how they say that certain scents can bring you back a moment, or the sight of something can bring up a favorite memory? I felt a hint of nostalgia when watching the shows last night.

Watching Nicole Lebreux’s show gave me this easy feeling, everyone was swaying with the music and the girls walking down with flowers in their hair. Her ability to mix not only patterns but also types of fabrics. My favorite look of the night would be her mix of a vintage scarf tied as a bandeau top and a patterned skirt..a look you could wear just about anywhere!

Photographs by: Brittany Taylor Photography

Now when I think of lace there is no way I can’t think of Brianna Moon. Her collection was one to die for! Her way of layering lace was breathtaking! I could see myself wearing any of the looks for a dinner date, wedding or even a black tie affair with my favorite dress a long evening gown with a sheer front.

Even luniacs love a little lace!

You could pair any of these talented designer’s looks with a funky, chic twist of LuniacStyle. Come see us tonight at the Accessory Showcase at Styleweek Providence!




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