It’s official, I love Styleweek Providence!

So, watching fashion shows on TV and watching them in real life should not even be considered in the same category. As I said before this was not only my first styleweek but my first fashion show in general. Being a die-hard fashion fan, I was ashamed to admit that fact. I feel like with anything, you need to ease into it, and with Styleweek Providence I was able to do just that! There should be stepping stones in every fashionista life so she knows where she comes from, and I think Styleweek was that for me, so now when I do (and I know I will) make it to Fashion week in New York City I will love it that much more!
Well the designers last night had it going on..from layers of chiffon to geometric prints.
Viva Aviva kicked off the night with her take a survivor of the dessert. Her use of tribal prints and layering of chiffon it was a force to be reckoned with. I loves the use of the stage with the show and how the models stayed on the stage so we could really get a look of the detail that went into the clothes. My favorite look was the end look of the tan chiffon dress with braided strap down the back!

Then there was Jennifer Greeke Harpy line. The way her looks flowed from one to the next made me feel all happy inside! And how you cannot talk about the make up! The hot pink and yellow eyeshadow wax to die for!! The end look of a yellow dress and corset looking vest was crazy good!!!

I cannot wait to see what I find tonight!!!

Come see us at the Accessory Showcase tonight and tomorrow night!





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  1. Jackie! This is SO MUCH FuN to see! Keep sharing lady! Best of luck to you my dear! xo

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