My dreams came true…and having StyleWeek withdrawals!

It has come and gone like a whirlwind, but I can still remember every moment, every fashion show, every fashion forward woman walking through the doors of the Providence Performing Art Center. I think one of the best parts for me was to be able to wear all the fabulous clothes in my wardrobe,  and well how can I forget that I got to wear my fabulous Luniac Style accessories as well! But the real issues I want to talk about  are the fashion shows!

On Friday, the night got started with Joseph Segal JAS’s Wonders of the World, his use of knit wear is unbelievable, the looks of layering is HUGE, and he takes full advantage of it. One of my favorite looks of his was this poncho.  Ladies, do not be afraid of the size…just think of it with simple black leggings and some riding boots!

you may or may not want to wear the blue lipstick 😉

Next up on the list would be Kelly Eident Electric Heart! I loved ALL of her pieces! The colors, fabrics and use of feathers were UNBELIEVABLE! I wanted them all! I love feathers and I am a huge fan of wearing them just about everywhere! I love them as earrings, in your hair or even ALL over your skirt!

Love it! ♥

The last show of the night was Yellow Clover. I loved all of her fabrics, and the draping she used on her final look. The dress I could see someone wearing on a clear summer evening at a beach front dinner for two would be this one! All you need is some great Luniac style earrings like these and you will be ready to go!

Then Saturday came and I threw on my tutu and tied a scarf in a bow and shipped myself out for the final night!

The first show was Andrea Valentini runway and her look of lace was crazy good!!! Who can forget the billowing dresses with capes..cannot wait to rock the look!

and how can you forget the looks of Peach Carr..who stopped by our Luniac Style booth to pick up a fab necklace!

Next up was David Chum..his easy looks were something that anyone could pull off!

I love the length of this skirt but also the detail that went into it!

The last, and the best show was Jonathan Joseph Peters..I loved all his looks but this was my favorite!

Well all good things have to come to a end and Style Week has 😦

 til January ladies!!!!

PS: thank you to Brittany Taylor Photography for all the beautiful Photographs for this blog post!




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