Providence, You So Fine….

This weekend I had a little bit of free time to actually go shopping while also dropping off some inventory at Queen of Hearts (check out this shop ya’ll, it’s insane!) during  the Providence Downcity Art Fest. There were so many great artists, amazing talent, and some super duper finds there. Check out this rolling rack vintage shop Find Gyspy... so amazing.. Gorgeous finds, so unique,  very reasonable, and goes really well with some LuniacStyle Jewels!

 I was really happy to take some time out to look rather than sell for once!   I got to see my friend, and jeweler extraordinaire, the lovely, Miss Amber Bettenz of Silver Tides Jewelry. This girl is such a motivation for me in the jewelry business. She made me see that it’s possible to do what you love, and make a living out of it. Plus, her jewelry is crazy beautiful, and all original. Check it ladies!

 Then I got to chat with the amazingly talented and crazy fierce Larkin, of Larkin and Larkin. The feathers, the crystals, the designs all tell you what you need to know about  Miss Larks. She is divalicious (not in the bad Whitney kind of  way, but more like the amazing way of Diana Ross), she’s super inventive, and fires me up every time I see her. Talking with her for  few minutes makes me feel like I could run the world.

 Anyways, you need to check out these chicas and all their creations along with Queen of Hearts and Find Gypsy!




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