She is nothing short of crazy, she loves anything glitter, and who can forget her over the top hair (she sounds like she could be my new best friend)! But Betsy Johnson knows whats up. Her style of over the top glam makes anyone look and feel like a million bucks and is sure to get everyones attention.

The looks for her Spring 2012 show were just what the doctor ordered, bubble skirts, bustier and leopard print bras under sheer tops made me fall in love with her all over again. I know people may look at her collection and think I could not wear this but wait, think again. All you need to do it just take one piece and pair it will something a little more muted and… voila! You have a little bit of Betsy! Now all you need is a killer headband to throw in your head and you are good to go! My favorite look from the evening were these high waisted shorts with a tie front sheer top. You can separate the two items and have two completely different  outfits.

Pair the shorts with a solid sheer black tank and you have a perfect spring time look.  I like this one from AshleyjanexOxO!

Then  with  high waisted flared jean and the sheer tie front top you can go from day to night in that outfit! Check out these from Omavintage ( they are even cropped so you can pair them with your favorite wedges!)

make sure you pair both outfits with a cupcake headband from LuniacStyle and you are good to go!

 If you can learn one thing from Besty..





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