A Vision Come True…Ghetto Glam PhotoShoot

After Style Week Providence, I became so inspired in every way possible. I met so many talented people, and I decided to put that to use. After seeing Brittanny Taylor’s skills in her photography, I had to arrange a shoot, with Nicole Lebreux  and IMSY designs.

I wanted it to be fun, fierce, bright and a little Diana Ross Ghetto Glam. I envisioned gold teeth, super funky makeup, and frowed out hair. This dream litterally came alive yesterday (minus the gold teeth) at this fabulous shoot.  Here’s a little sneak peak!

Accessories and Jewels by: LuniacStyle

Hair and Makeup by: Gloss and Glamour Salon

Styling by: Annabelle Malloy

Photography by: Brittanny Taylor Photography & CSherlock Photography

Outfits and Swimwear by: Nicole Lebreux & IMSY   

Models: Samantha, Drea, Joanna & Adrianna             



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2 responses to “A Vision Come True…Ghetto Glam PhotoShoot

  1. The patterned/printed swimwear is blowing my mind. Love your ghetto-glam vision, totally feeling it.. : )

  2. thanks lady, that means so much!

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