Shop consignment!

Ladies never underestimate the power of a consignment store! I remember when I was younger and my mom would shop for me in consignment stores I was embarrassed, someones used clothes..ew!! I knew they were nice labels and because my mother shopped at these kinds of stores, we were able to go on fabulous vacations and do all the fun things a family wanted to do. Well now later in life I have fallen in love with it all over again!! Now the outfit I am wearing today is all consignment, well besides the basics 🙂 I am rocking a brand new pair of j.crew matchstick jeans from Pennywise in mystic, connecticut for $15 one of my new favorites! Now my sweater I got yesterday from one more time in Wakefield for total of $12! So for $27 I got a outfit that would have cost $80 or more! You may have to scan the racks and maybe they are from last season but if you buy classic pieces it won’t matter. Some of my favorite shops are all around RI
Flip boutique in West Warwick
Never Enough East Greenwich
Pennywise in Mystic CT
Second Time Around Providence
The French Bulldog Boutique in East Greenwich and the best part about The French Bulldog & Flip Boutique is that you can find Luniacstyle!


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