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LUNIACSTYLE TURNS ONE! (well, sort of) and We’re Celebrating!

Hello my favorite Luniacs!!!

 One year ago this week, I decided to take a HUGE leap of faith and love in what I do, to turn my hobby into a full time position. It’s been one cray cray year, and I can honestly say I am so excited and proud that LuniacStyle has come so far.

In 365 days Luniacstyle has done various art festivals, craft fairs, participated in Style Week Providence, been featured on a Rhode Island digital billboard, written about on the Sexy Period website,  featured in Rhode Island Monthly, various blogs, and is currently selling in 10 shops across RI and MA. I have also had over 200 sales on etsy!

I have meet so many  wonderfully supportive people , and have  been able to participate in so many amazing opportunities, photoshoots and interviews that sometimes it feels like a dream I never want to wake from.  It’s a far cry from where I was just one year ago this week.  I wanted to take this time to thank all of the people who have believed in LuniacStyle and who continue to support my life long dream of being an artist.  

In your honor, I am issuing a 25% off coupon to all who would like to shop at this week. Coupon Code: YEARONE

I will continuely thank you and blow you air kisses for supporting my tiny little dream that has blossomed into a wonderful reality! Love you all! Enjoy shopping!

Sale ends friday Nov. 18th!

With Love,


Owner/Designer/Dreamer of LuniacStyle



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Shop consignment!

Ladies never underestimate the power of a consignment store! I remember when I was younger and my mom would shop for me in consignment stores I was embarrassed, someones used clothes..ew!! I knew they were nice labels and because my mother shopped at these kinds of stores, we were able to go on fabulous vacations and do all the fun things a family wanted to do. Well now later in life I have fallen in love with it all over again!! Now the outfit I am wearing today is all consignment, well besides the basics 🙂 I am rocking a brand new pair of j.crew matchstick jeans from Pennywise in mystic, connecticut for $15 one of my new favorites! Now my sweater I got yesterday from one more time in Wakefield for total of $12! So for $27 I got a outfit that would have cost $80 or more! You may have to scan the racks and maybe they are from last season but if you buy classic pieces it won’t matter. Some of my favorite shops are all around RI
Flip boutique in West Warwick
Never Enough East Greenwich
Pennywise in Mystic CT
Second Time Around Providence
The French Bulldog Boutique in East Greenwich and the best part about The French Bulldog & Flip Boutique is that you can find Luniacstyle!

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Where is the cooler weather?!?

Well I had dragged out all my sweaters, leggings and tights and figured out what pieces in my closet would be able to be transitioned into fall..then the humidity and 80 degree heat came back..I’m angry. Well for the next couple of day I am going to show you how to take your favorite summer looks into fall 🙂 Today we are going to talk shorts!! I love them in the summer with a breezy tank top or a classic t-shirt. Well a tank top isn’t going to cut it for the fall so my favorite thing to do is to grab a cute pair of black tights and throw them under the shorts. Check out my gurrrlll Gwen wearing the look!


So don’t be afraid slip on your favorite cutoffs and tights pair it with a long sleeve shirt and a sweater and you are fashion forward! Don’t forget accessories! I would pair these fab earrings to tie the look all together!


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What was old is new again!

If there is one rule that I can teach you it is, t to keep all the fabulous things in your closet for your future children, I know you may think I am crazy, do I honestly think that my daughter is going to want my pink tutu or my high waisted skirt? My luck, I will have all boys! Anyway just pack them away and when your teenage daughter is looking for someone no one else has you have got her covered 🙂 and while you are at it pick up some fab headbands that will stand the test of time!

xo StyleFreak


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The Bigger the Better!

I love big things…handbags, heels and well jewelry of course! I think the bigger the better. The more you can fit in your purse, the taller you are with your heels, and the further away people are and can still see your jewelry is the best. Go big or go home I say, so when you slip into your “go to” outfit for a cloudy day like this, slip on a huge ring from LuniacStyle and make a statement!

20110920-105138.jpgxo styleFreak!


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Hey ladies, I just did an interview with a fabulous blogger and now I’m giving away a FREE pair of earrings! All original, hand made… here’s the rules…


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Hello Michael!

Dear Michael Kors,

I have been a huge fan of yours since my first Vogue magazine. My first designer bag was one made by you, I hunted the TJ.Maxx racks waiting for the price to go down so my small income (of Friday night babysitting money) could buy it.

It was a teal small chain bag, it was timeless. I carried it everywhere, it barely fit a thing but I loved it. Every time I wasn’t using it I had it in its dust bag and perfectly placed in my closet. Now I have countless bags and they are no longer perfectly placed, they all have some sort of pen, receipt or coin in them. I know I should take care of them but I don’t feel the same way about them as I did. That Michael Kors bag will forever be my favorite. So now I can sit and watch him on Project Runway, take his advice, understand what looks good and what doesn’t and laugh at his little one liners 🙂

Yesterday he presented his Spring 2012 line and he did not disappoint. His use of neutrals, draping, and belts is what we come to love about his line. My favorite look was this knit one shoulder dress that I could see with a skinny brown belt and some chunky wedges (once we get through this winter). 🙂

Can’t forget about the accessories! You can pair it with these feathers and you are all set!



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