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All Aboard!

These vintage like anchor charms are the perfect gift for anyone this season! The anchor represents so much and is also the state symbol for my home state.. Rhode Island.  Choose from a variety of colors and make a statement! You can find them in my ETSY shop or in my actual SHOP. So come visit, or browse and get the perfect stocking stuffer gift yet!

What the Anchor represents:

“The anchor is seen as a symbol of a well-grounded hope. As the anchor was often a seaman’s last resort in stormy weather, it was frequently connected with hope. Being made of a solid body, the anchor was also identified with firmness, solidity, tranquility and faithfulness. The anchor remains firm and steady amidst the stormy waters, symbolizing the stable part of a human being, that quality which enables us to keep a clear mind amid the confusion of sensation, emotion and the general “storms” of life. Therefore the anchor keeps us steady in the storms of temptation, affliction, and persecution.”



securedownload-3Happy Shopping!


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Holiday Stocking Stuffer SALE in the Etsy Shop!


I’m so thankful to be able to make jewels, accessories and be able to send them worldwide. In appreciation of this and of all of you, I’m offering a 20% off “stockingstuffer” coupon code with every purchase you make from www.luniacstyle.etsy.com  from now until Christmas Day! So enjoy, get yourself something fancy, get your friends something meaningful and heartfelt and have a safe and joyous holiday season! 

Purchase here: LUNIACSTYLE




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Holiday Trunk Show!

Come visit me selling jewels, turbies, bows, bangles, earrings, and rings!

A great night to shop local, hang out with your besties, sip on some delicious wine, and have get some great gifts for the holidays!

LuniacStyle will be there along with 4 other amazing designers:

Forte Fashion, KS Designs, Hairbanglez, and 8 Count Fragrances!

where: LuniacGlamour

date: 11/15/2012

time: 7-9pm

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Hey ladies, I just did an interview with a fabulous blogger and now I’m giving away a FREE pair of earrings! All original, hand made… here’s the rules…



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Bring it on Irene

We all know where we will be Sunday morning…all snuggled up in our beds waiting for this “storm” to pass. We will watch movies unless the power goes out, bake brownies that we really shouldn’t eat and whatever passes the time. But I have a different idea, lets all do a closet clean out! You know you all have the dress you never wear,the shoes that kill your feet and the handbag that holds only a lip gloss when you need it told hold more. So put on some tunes and rock it like Carrie Bradshaw did with her mini fashion show in Sex and the City! Its fun I promise! Now after your done finally parting from that ruffled number you just had to have, bag them up and drive on over to your favorite cinsignment store like Flip Boutique,  and make some money! Now when you have this said money come here and but some fab things to put some fab-ness back in your wardrobe! I think after I clean my closet out I am gonna run over to the store and snatch up a new pair of earrings. I am a huge fan of these leather suns from Luniac Style. They will go perfect with my fall look of neutrals and chunky sweaters 🙂

Find earrings here!



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I heart you.

Things I Heart.

1. My love

2. My friends

3. My family

4. My “I heart you” necklace

So the first three are self explanatory but let me tell you how much I really do love this necklace and how it can work for you 🙂  So here is the problem…. you have a day full of errands so you slip on your favorite jeans, a white t-shirt and flip flops, now you can just walk out the door, or you can stop and pick up this necklace. You can also wear this with your favorite “go to” dress to go out with the girls. This necklace should be your go to necklace 🙂  check it out at LuniacStyle

’til next time.. 



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Stripes are not just for Zebras :)

Yellow and White. Blue and Red. Blue and White. Black and White. You name it stripes can deal it out. There are so many looks that you can achieve with a stripe, and so many ways to wear it. You can play it safe and just rock a shirt or a striped scarf with a solid top. You can go crazy and rock some sweet striped pants ( I think ankle length with a flat) but you when you go with a patterned top or pants or both you need to make sure that you keep it simple with your accessories 🙂 So throw a flower and your hair and go! Take this look for example.

Make sure to show some love at CG HEAVEN ( she has feathers!)

So picture this with Luniac Style’s Hot Pink Peony in your hair in a high pony or a cool low bun

or you can rock a striped shirt and jeans..like this one found at  Sana Unique

So go on and get your nautical on 🙂

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