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Holiday Stocking Stuffer SALE in the Etsy Shop!


I’m so thankful to be able to make jewels, accessories and be able to send them worldwide. In appreciation of this and of all of you, I’m offering a 20% off “stockingstuffer” coupon code with every purchase you make from www.luniacstyle.etsy.com  from now until Christmas Day! So enjoy, get yourself something fancy, get your friends something meaningful and heartfelt and have a safe and joyous holiday season! 

Purchase here: LUNIACSTYLE





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The Bronzed and the Beautiful ♥♥♥

This time of year in new England always makes me really excited for summer.  With that said, I immediately cling to anything that will make me feel like a grecian goddess…ie: bronzed!  I like to feel like my skin is the color of warm sun, and anything that can illuminate that feeling is “in” ,in my book.  So here are a few of my etsy favorites, just in time for Pre-Summer! Get shopping ladies! xo


www.anvilartshop.etsy.com 42$

www.decades.etsy.com 12$

www.lilysoffering.etsy.com 5$

www.tizianacorvisieri.etsy.com 164$

www.houseofninesdesign.etsy.com 375$

www.myglamour.etsy.com 16$

www.icecreamcandy.etsy.com 44$

www.parisburning.etsy.com 50$

www.minusone.etsy.com 16$

www.shellyfrancesmakeup.etsy.com 6$

www.radvintager.etsy.com 68$

www.newfashionedwhispers.etsy.com 32$

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Leather is always in fashion, always plays a key role in a lot of what we wear/use etc.  There are so many unique designs made out of leather that I just couldn’t resist posting them up! Have a look around and check out these amazing etsians using leather!  Happy Shopping! xo

www.luniacstyle.etsy.com 28$

www.kinies.etsy.com 59$

www.purevintageclothing.etsy.com 48$

www.tangra2009.etsy.com 35$

www.pinguim.etsy.com 60$

www.vjones1.etsy.com 55$

www.meshkadesign.etsy.com 59$

www.lenfantterrible.etsy.com 28$

www.ledthread.etsy.com 75$

www.myhappyaccidents.etsy.com 20$

www.aosleather.etsy.com 20$

www.luniacstyle.etsy.com 28$

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California Love ♥

"Sitting in a park in paris, france
Reading the news and it sure looks bad
They won't give peace a chance
That was just a dream some of us had
Still a lot of lands to see
But i wouldn't want to stay here
It's too old and cold and settled in its ways here
Oh, but california
California i'm coming home
I'm going to see the folks i dig
I'll even kiss a sunset pig
California i'm coming home

I met a redneck on a grecian isle
Who did the goat dance very well
He gave me back my smile
But he kept my camera to sell
Oh the rogue, the red red rogue
He cooked good omelettes and stews
And i might have stayed on with him there
But my heart cried out for you, california
Oh california i'm coming home
Oh make me feel good rock'n roll band
I'm your biggest fan
California, i'm coming home

Oh it gets so lonely
When you're walking
And the streets are full of strangers
All the news of home you read
Just gives you the blues
Just gives you the blues

So i bought me a ticket
I caught a plane to spain
Went to a party down a red dirt road
There were lots of pretty people there
Reading rolling stone, reading vogue
They said, "how long can you hang around?"
I said "a week, maybe two,
Just until my skin turns brown
Then i'm going home to california"
California i'm coming home
Oh will you take me as i am
Strung out on another man
California i'm coming home"
California by Joni Mitchell

A lot of my inspiration comes from this song, the california lifestyle, their care free attitude, their beach tossled hair. It’s quite a different feel going from the East coast to the West coast. It’s such a nice change of season, and I often find myself dreaming about going back to California and staying there.  Luckily, I have the internet to always look around at what’s happening all the way over on the west coast, and be inspired on a daily basis. Check out some of these gorgeous etsy shops, and shop til you drop! xo


www.basilandlola.etsy.com 245$

www.aandvdesigns.etsy.com 59$
www.concreteminerals.etsy.com 5.99$
www.bugandboo.etsy.com 20$

www.emilywootton.etsy.com 37.5$

www.ingridsart.etsy.com 20$

www.prettypennydesigns.etsy.com 25$

www.tenthings.etsy.com 9$

www.thedoomgirls.etsy.com 18$

www.whiskerbox.etsy.com 20$

www.soulpeaces.etsy.com 62$

www.gogobeads.etsy.com 29$

www.luniacstyle.etsy.com 12$ (yah yah I know I’m not from Cali, but I love it! ok?!)

www.tahirih.etsy.com 32$

www.tjiajia.etsy.com 26$

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Feathers Galore!

I am obsessed.  With feathers that is.  They are bright, whimsy, fun, fantastical and magical.  They exceed all expectations concerning fashion and art. Check out some of my favorites being sold on etsy. You won’t be dissapointed!!

www.luniacstyle.etsy.com 17$

www.annabelleeallen.etsy.com 42$

www.sweetpcrafters.etsy.com 10$

www.clutchthat.etsy.com 4 for 260$

www.fantazya.etsy.com 50$

www.lemonring.etsy.com 37.5$

www.alienplanet.etsy.com 11.5$

www.sustainablewearable.etsy.com 39.99$

www.lovmely.etsy.com 25$

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The Greatest Gift in Life is…


If you think about it… we would be nowhere without it. 

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. “

This quote has inspired me in much of my life.  It inspires me to get up every morning, create art, connect with people, and to simply live my life engulfing all that love and life has to offer.  These items listed in this blog post have been created using love as a reference. Check ’em out, and support the arts!


www.lady80.etsy.com $55

www.basilandlola.etsy.com 47$www.luniacstyle.etsy.com 15$


www.jessgonacha.etsy.com   8$www.shandaferguson.etsy.com 12.99$

www.lapeony.etsy.com 19$

www.cocoondesigns.etsy.com 40$

www.howwegothere.etsy.com 3$

www.stavroula.etsy.com 58$

www.keepcalmshop.etsy.com 10$


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It’s all about Peach and Blue!

Ok ladies, it’s time to re-evaluate your whole goddess situation. You are beautiful and hot and all that, but without the hottest trend this season, you might as well hide in a cave all summer long.  Peach and Blue are the new in colors of the upcoming spring and summer season. Don’t miss out!  You’ll be sorry. Check out my store for some fabulously, frugalistic finds…you won’t be dissapointed! Here are also some of my favorites! Enjoy! Support your local arts! ♥











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