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All Aboard!

These vintage like anchor charms are the perfect gift for anyone this season! The anchor represents so much and is also the state symbol for my home state.. Rhode Island.  Choose from a variety of colors and make a statement! You can find them in my ETSY shop or in my actual SHOP. So come visit, or browse and get the perfect stocking stuffer gift yet!

What the Anchor represents:

“The anchor is seen as a symbol of a well-grounded hope. As the anchor was often a seaman’s last resort in stormy weather, it was frequently connected with hope. Being made of a solid body, the anchor was also identified with firmness, solidity, tranquility and faithfulness. The anchor remains firm and steady amidst the stormy waters, symbolizing the stable part of a human being, that quality which enables us to keep a clear mind amid the confusion of sensation, emotion and the general “storms” of life. Therefore the anchor keeps us steady in the storms of temptation, affliction, and persecution.”



securedownload-3Happy Shopping!


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DoorKnockers for Showstoppers!

HEY LADIESSSSS!!!! ( Insert Beastie Boys music)

Well This is it the big ONE. I have taken over the Luniac Style Blog 🙂 Who am I you ask? Well let me fill you in.

I am fashion addict, I love to know about what is hot and what is not, what risks to take and which ones to leave to the professionals and how to make anything look AH-MAZING. I guess you can just call me a style-freak. This gurls ( and the occasional male ) is how it is going to work.  I am going to blog daily to keep you up to date on what is hot and how to make it work for you. But let me just start off by saying HELLO GORGEOUS! if not for the fab Jaclyn Murphy and Luniac Style I would not be able to put together half of the looks, and with all her pieces reasonably priced  and being super multi-functional, it is so worth every penny. So make sure you check back everyday to see what I paired together and know how it could work for you.  

First on my list of new and fresh things is these large doorknocker earrings! I mean how can you not love a little color with a little bling all mixed together on a huge earring! Can Be found here: LUNIACSTYLE.COM

I know I know..you love the color, you love the black onxy in the center but you think they are to big…THINK AGAIN! I promise you they are not. Picture this a long black maxi dress like this one here from UPCFASHIONDOTCOM

 and Kelly green hoop earrings and just some simple black sandals. That ladies is all you need the earrings do all the talking! So keep it simple and fun and go out and enjoy the last couple weeks of summer 🙂



Samma S.

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