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Sail away…

Sun. Sand. Surf. Sangria.

When I think of the beach and jewelry I think sea glass. Just the whole idea of sea glass is cool. I mean you do not know how long that piece could have been out there for,or how it even got there in the first place. By now you know I am a fan of bows, tutus and all things colorful and fun, so when it comes to beach wear anything goes. I think everyday is a good day for a long necklace and I think on the beach there is nothing better then a little sea glass and a long chain. Picture this a warm ocean breeze, the feeling of the the salt drying on your freshly tanned skin while sipping a cold glass of your favorite adult beverage. Now you know as well as I do that when you go to the beach you slip on you bathing suit and a cover up but you are just missing a small piece of your outfit a simple sea glass necklace will make it all come together…

Sea glass pendant from luniacstyle

20110811-102838.jpgand then look at this sheer primted coverup that can bring you from the beach to the local seaside hangout in minutes! check it out at River of Roamnsk




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Merry Christmas! (in July?!)

Hey kids, 

Just wanted to offer you up a little somethin’ sweet for the rest of July… it’s Christmas in JULY at luniacstyle! Now through the last day of July, if you shop in our etsy shop, and use the coupon code: JULYXMAS, you will get 10% off your entire purchase! Have fun, and happy shopping!!!!

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Hot Summer Ending Sales on Etsy!

Well, it’s sad to say that the summer is winding down, but on the upside, that usually means there are fabulous sales to be shopped.  Here are some of my faves from artists around the globe! Check em out, and check me out too. Sale today at www.luniacstyle.etsy.com buy any 2 items and get the 3rd for free! Includes sale items too! Just message me with your requests!


www.beachhouseblues.etsy.com 55$

www.hamjart.etsy.com 15$

www.zuppaartista.etsy.com 15$

www.byme.etsy.com 20$

www.vintagebeach.etsy.com 22$

www.bettysworld4u.etsy.com 10$

www.cocorosecouture.etsy.com 25$

www.lovmely.etsy.com 15$

www.bethanylorelle.etsy.com 14.99$

www.cloudninevintage.etsy.com 28$

www.resortcollection.etsy.com 24$

www.stringsntings.etsy.com 12$

www.riricreations.etsy.com 15$


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New Summer Items ♥♥♥

Hot new fresh items! Get to the shop and start making your wish list!  Perfect gifts for her! xo


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Special Summer Treats on Etsy

I find that I”m always a little more creative once the warm weather starts to roll in.  It seems to be a trend, because on Etsy.com there are so many pops of color, breezy specials, and lots to choose from.  I decided to share a few from my personal wish list. Enjoy and happy shopping!

www.luniacstyle.etsy.com 12$

www.blsoaps.etsy.com 3.75$

www.mrps.etsy.com 41.00$

www.sparklepeach.etsy.com 26$

www.thesiscrew.etsy.com 55$


www.kinies.etsy.com 42$

www.sweetlollipopshop.etsy.com 15.95$

www.prettylittlepearl.etsy.com 17$

www.lemonaday.etsy.com 30$


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The Bronzed and the Beautiful ♥♥♥

This time of year in new England always makes me really excited for summer.  With that said, I immediately cling to anything that will make me feel like a grecian goddess…ie: bronzed!  I like to feel like my skin is the color of warm sun, and anything that can illuminate that feeling is “in” ,in my book.  So here are a few of my etsy favorites, just in time for Pre-Summer! Get shopping ladies! xo


www.anvilartshop.etsy.com 42$

www.decades.etsy.com 12$

www.lilysoffering.etsy.com 5$

www.tizianacorvisieri.etsy.com 164$

www.houseofninesdesign.etsy.com 375$

www.myglamour.etsy.com 16$

www.icecreamcandy.etsy.com 44$

www.parisburning.etsy.com 50$

www.minusone.etsy.com 16$

www.shellyfrancesmakeup.etsy.com 6$

www.radvintager.etsy.com 68$

www.newfashionedwhispers.etsy.com 32$

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♥ Surround yourself with Flowers ♥

There’s really nothing better than coming home to fresh cut flowers on your table.  If you’re anything like me, then you love having flowers anywhere…in your hair, in your garden, on a cute little thank you note, in a beatuifully framed photograph.  Flowers signify life, and rebirth, color and happiness. Spring is here, so be sure to get yourself some flowers and enjoy the colorful life they bring! xo



www.alyinked.etsy.com 7$

www.eightseasons.etsy.com 75$

www.jennifersquires.etsy.com 70$

www.thepuddingstorevint.etsy.com 280$

www.opulentjewelrybymm.etsy.com  75$

www.sevenacrewoods.etsy.com 2$


www.luniacstyle.etsy.com 12$

www.yesumaystationery.etsy.com 2.5$

www.chinnylulu.etsy.com 40$

www.rubysplayground.etsy.com 7.5$

www.studioelenus.etsy.com 19.5$

www.handmadeflowers.etsy.com 15$

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