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Holiday Stocking Stuffer SALE in the Etsy Shop!


I’m so thankful to be able to make jewels, accessories and be able to send them worldwide. In appreciation of this and of all of you, I’m offering a 20% off “stockingstuffer” coupon code with every purchase you make from www.luniacstyle.etsy.com  from now until Christmas Day! So enjoy, get yourself something fancy, get your friends something meaningful and heartfelt and have a safe and joyous holiday season! 

Purchase here: LUNIACSTYLE





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get to the shop and get yourself and maybe some friends their own Trophy Wife Ring! so cute!




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Ya, it’s tax day, but it’s your lucky day!

So in honor or (dishonor) of tax day, I figured some of you may have gotten some dough back from Uncle Sam, or some of you may be hurtin’ a little bit. Whatever the case may be, luniacstyle.etsy.com has decided to hold an all day “tax day” SALE.  Since we all deserve to be decked out to the nines at all times, I decided to look around to see who else was have a BIG SALE today. Have a look at some of my favorite picks, and don’t be afraid to shop around!

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luniacstyle -accessories for fabulous women


www.alis.etsy.com 25$

www.beachhouseblues.etsy.com 50$

www.junebugfelts.etsy.com 28$

www.luzdesigns.etsy.com 25$

www.takiperileri.etsy.com 42$

www.supastarclothing.etsy.com 25$

www.huckleberryvintage.etsy.com 30$

www.boldminimalist.etsy.com 5.00$


www.tellmeyarns.etsy.com 35$

www.paleolochic.etsy.com 15.15$

www.blackbags.etsy.com 15.50$

www.mtuent.etsy.com 18$

www.pinkroses1220.etsy.com 5$

www.lovmely.etsy.com 20$

www.madebymarcia.etsy.com 13.5

www.thatjewelrygirl.etsy.com 16.50$


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Sombreros, Fiestas and Cinco de Mayo!

www.pierogipicnic.etsy.com 32$I can’t think of a more colorful, celebrated, and anticipated holiday other than Cinco de Mayo!  It’s a fabulously festive celebration of Mexican culture and heritage.  I picked out a few items via etsy that took me away from my day job for just a bit to daydream about parties and margaritas. Hope these items brighten up your day as well!! Get ready to party everyone, Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner (it’s my baby bro’s birthday too!!). Feel free to shop, tweet, share, and make comments on what you like in this blog! eyeyeyeyeyey!


www.alohamkl.etsy.com 5$

www.clayswan.etsy.com 38$

www.dasweetzpot.etsy.com 6.5$



www.luniacstyle.etsy.com 17$www.pamperedwhiskers.etsy.com 20$

www.myfunkytwistedsoul.etsy.com 38$

www.wearwolf.etsy.com 4.5$

www.rebecca3030.etsy.com 195$

www.snappyshop.etsy.com 45$

www.zany.etsy.com 6.5$

www.stitchnstones.etsy.com 20$



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get to the shop ladies and treat yourselves!  Buy any 2 items and get the 3rd of your choice for FREE! Plus, free US shipping, free gift wrap! Simply convo me with your requests! Ships out tomorrow! Enjoy and tell all your friends! xo

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Feathers Galore!

I am obsessed.  With feathers that is.  They are bright, whimsy, fun, fantastical and magical.  They exceed all expectations concerning fashion and art. Check out some of my favorites being sold on etsy. You won’t be dissapointed!!

www.luniacstyle.etsy.com 17$

www.annabelleeallen.etsy.com 42$

www.sweetpcrafters.etsy.com 10$

www.clutchthat.etsy.com 4 for 260$

www.fantazya.etsy.com 50$

www.lemonring.etsy.com 37.5$

www.alienplanet.etsy.com 11.5$

www.sustainablewearable.etsy.com 39.99$

www.lovmely.etsy.com 25$

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